Our Journey

About Us

We are an outreach movement birthed out of the hope that love is greater than walls. One of the most distinguishable 
characteristics about our organization is our focus on telling the stories of the unseen. We are committed to people that the world passes by because we believe the people struggling 
with poverty and sleeping on the streets have lives and stories that are just as valuable as ours.

Restoring hope to the hopeless

To provide sustainable educational support ,care and protection to underprivileged children and vulnerable people to enhance their physical, social, spiritual, emotional and cognitive development.

  • Compassion: We seek to follow Jesus in His identification and assistance and handling of the poor, the powerless, the afflicted, the sick and the oppressed especially the children.

  • Dignity: Dignity bestowed equally on women and men by dignifying those that we serve by helping them feel valuable in life specially those that have been undressed by diseases and poverty.

  • Trustworthy: To be trustworthy in great and small resources entrusted to us by various people or organizations and ensuring that resources reach the desired person whom it’s been donated.

  • Service:  Demanding high standards of professional competence and accepting the need to be  accountable.

  • Excellence: We work towards providing excellent services in Education, health, self sustainability, so that all those that we reach will excel in their lives.

Our story

Having experienced Uganda from the critically deprived areas in Kagadi a remote district in Western Uganda bordering Congo in the East and mostly know for Ebola breakouts and through community outreaches done in those areas through Orphanage Aid Project Uganda, we found the areas worth our target for expanding the love for one another. 

It’s those areas left out by most missionaries to Uganda as well as the government that we reach and tackle to transform the livelihoods – one life at a time.

Join us today and we share love together in Africa.

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