Our Mission Trips


We all have been blessed by the Lord through the time, resources, and talents we enjoy today. Now, it’s time to put the blessings and gifts God has given us and put them to good use. Orphanage Aid Project Uganda proudly offers our volunteers a unique service experience in the form of Africa mission trips. These mission trips give team members the opportunity to serve children, families and adults in Uganda through the sharing of time and talents. The impact made on these mission trips often ripple for months and years to come. "No act of love and service is too small to make a difference." Those interested in joining us on a mission trip to Africa do not need to have previous experience or professional training. Our program is open to all those who wholeheartedly wish to serve others and our loving God. The only requirement we look for in our participants is a passion for service and a desire to share their love for with others.

We are proud to offer two different types of Africa mission trips:


Our short-term mission trips last for 13 days. These short-term missions occur frequently throughout the calendar year. Participants of our short-term missions have the opportunity to interact with the local community through various outreach programs spearheaded by Orphanage Aid Project Uganda and the African Church. During the closing days of the mission trip, participants have the opportunity to visit any national park in the country , and participate in a photo safari on A Big Five Game Safari adventure to those interested. Interested in joining our short-term mission trips?


Volunteers who feel they are called by the Lord for a greater purpose are free to sign up for our long-term mission trip to Africa. This mission trip requires a commitment of staying in Uganda for 1 month to 9 months as an ambassador of God’s love. During the course of the mission, our Ambassadors immerse themselves in the local community, helping out with outreaches and our children's village day to day activities, teaching in our community school, as well as provide support to the organization. Those interested in long-term mission trips are encouraged to contact our office for more information about our application process and available opportunities


Step One:

Submit the following documents and items to Orphanage Aid Project Uganda.

1. Fill out the application form below

2. A color copy of your passport’s photo page

3. A photo of yourself and send them to info@shareloveafrica.com

Step Two:

After we receive all the necessary documents pertaining to your application, we will review your eligibility for our program. This includes background checks and medical checks.


Orphanage Aid Project Uganda reserves the right to deny an application. You will receive a notice of acceptance or denial from us within two weeks after you submit all the requirements mentioned in Step 1.

If no schedule works for you, you may wish to get involved in other ways.

Approved Applications: Your letter of approval will contain information to help you prepare for your mission trip. Please take the time to thoroughly read the content of your acceptance letter and send a response as soon as possible.

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