Karen and OAP Uganda

How It All Started

Ms. Karen Bode, a 62 year old woman from Bradenton, Florida,  refused to be hindered by the negative voices that used to whisper into her ears. Instead she decided to follow the still small voice of God, which ultimately led her to Uganda for her first trip in Africa in July 2018. Mom Karen is ordained and under the covering of Eastgate Ministries, located in Camden, Maine. Eastgate Ministries has the passion to equip, empower and deploy believers with the Father’s heart in His love for the work of ministry. Learn more about Eastgate Ministries here 

Prior to Karen’s first trip to Uganda, she had only known Amos Kaggwa the Founder of OAP Uganda for just 2 years down the road as a prayer partner and visionary.

Upon arrival, she fell in love with the beauty of the country of Uganda even before her planned wildlife adventure safari!!! In addition to the safari, she had a planned conference and many project activities that were scheduled on her mission trip itinerary. Mom Karen preached for the first three days at a women’s conference and then went on a wildlife safari in Murchison Falls National park, and finished with a trip to the school project. Through all these experiences and answered prayers, she was inspired to give her heart, which was filled with love, to support the organization.

Mom Karen's dream for the vulnerable children of Uganda

Karen has been working with OAP Uganda for 3 years now as she leads a fundraising campaign back in the States and goes an extra mile to travel every year to Uganda to get involved in different organization activities, as the Lord leads. Her dream is to restore the hope of orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda, providing them with an opportunity to have a solid Christian Education.

Walking The Talk

As early as January 9th, 2020, Mom. Karen was already on her second journey from Florida to Uganda to implement a program that God put on her heart. That was to commence a sponsorship program for the students at our school’s program. This required her to register the orphans and vulnerable children, so that each registered child would be able to access their basic needs including Christian Education, care, food, and more. After much collaborative work, the sponsorship has begun in February, 2020. To our praises, 108 children have been registered, and two of them have already received sponsors. Praise God! 

Mom Karen, returned back to the States early due to the Coronavirus pandemic, that hit the whole world and tried to stop her efforts but that did not stop her from fulfilling her dream. She is currently looking for sponsors for the rest of the 106 children and more to be registered.

Support Karen to help Uganda Children

It takes a lot for Mom Karen, to be able to travel to Uganda and back to the States every year, support the organization, and do all she does to see this vision transform into a reality. Please help her by joining her team in this cause. Her needs include; air tickets, visa, accommodation, and school and medical supplies for the students, that she brings from the States.

Sponsor A Child Today

Karen sponsors a child through OAP Uganda’s Child Sponsorship Program and you too can write a chapter in a child’s story by sponsoring them.

Be part of the dream transformation by standing with Karen to sponsor a child in Uganda with Orphanage Aid Project Uganda. Restoring these children’s hope, one child at a time.

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