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Donate to charity with Orphanage Aid Project Uganda and help provide relief to a child in poverty. Make a donation now to contribute to funds that support children and other vulnerable people who live in poverty.
- Clean Water
- Malnutrition
- Education
- Disaster Relief
- Medical Help
- Malaria


Your donation to Orphanage Aid Project Uganda will significantly impact children who are left without parents due to HIV/AIDS and other diseases as well as the youths and the elderly vulnerable persons. Funds received by the ministry provide housing, education, good food and medical care to children who otherwise would be lost. Download the organization bank transfer details for your direct wire transfer to OAP Uganda here OAP Banking Details


For other gifts and donations to OAP Uganda, kindly send them through the following platforms or Money Transfer Agents with the details below. Name: AMOS KAGGWA | Address: Kitonzi, Kagadi, Uganda | Phone #: +256759878899 | +256788535796

Sponsoring A Child with us?

If you are sponsoring a child with us, kindly use this donation section for a monthly recurring payment of your sponsorship fees.

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Do you or your organization have donations you’d like to give to children in need? If you want to run a donation drive or just have personal donations you’d like to give, please coordinate with us. We often have staff members or mission teams take bags of collected donations down to our children. We are eternally grateful for your willingness to donate to our children. If you have a medical background, we’d love for you to join one of our Medical Mission teams. For more information please email us at


Would you like to make a donation to Orphanage Aid Project Uganda in honor or memory of a loved one? Send us an email at to do so! We are so thankful and honored you want to honor a loved one by supporting our children and other needy people around Africa.


Ever since I started supporting Orphanage Aid Project Uganda through their program - Share Love Africa, I have seen tremendous and life changing projects established in the areas they serve from schools to community development projects in the rural areas of Uganda.
Miguel Suarez
It's always something I love to do and that's supporting this organization. Great team realizing and solving problems of the most underprivileged people in Uganda.
Mike Dunn
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